Steroids for Reflux-Induced Asthma?

User Submitted Question: My asthma was diagnosed as reflux-induced.  The usual reflux meds control my reflux only partially, since I have a weak sphincter muscle and hiatal hernia.  Vanceril hasn’t helped much either.

Is there some steroid inhaler that is advisable for reflux-induced asthma, or is there some other way to treat it short of surgery (which I’m trying to avoid)?

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The 3 main drugs used for reflux are Prilosec and Prevacid (drugs that turn off your acid production) and Propulsid, a drug that helps with sphincter tone and gastric emptying.

No one steroid seems to be better than any other for any asthma if dosing is equivalent (i.e. some are stronger than others) and there’s no particular steroid that will be better for reflux related asthma.

Other measures to help with reflux are to avoid mints and chocolate, avoid eating close to bed time, sleep with the head of the bed elevated a little (brick under headboard posts), avoid obesity, and some surgical options.

I have the same thing, with bad sinuses and draining to boot!  Anyway,  my doctor told me to take a tablespoon of an antacid (Mylanta etc:) before using my inhaler.  I use albuterol.  I should also add that my “need” for albuterol is NOT a daily requirement (at this point and knock on wood)  My reflux is also from a bad sphinctor and there’s no telling when it will “flare” up.  All I can say is that fried foods, chocolate, carbonated colas, alcohol, smoking and at times, too many starches, spices and hard-to-digest foods like eggs can cause an attack.  Are you taking any additional vitamins/supplements?  Vitamin C as well as the fad of taking shark cartilage can cause problems.  Stress is
another trigger as well as eating, drinking a few hours before going to bed. Well, I’ve had “attacks” even when I thought I was doing everything “right”. If you have to use an inhaler everyday or some other medication, please check
with your doctor before trying an antacid.  You can also try Spiriva (check for costs here). As I said, I do not at this point have to use an inhaler every day and I was advised not to take the antacid before my inhaler while taking pills….such as my blood pressure meds or anyother asthma med I’ve taken over the past 9 months.  I was told to keep these actions separate as drug interactions can occur.  Also,  for the reflux, my doctor told me several years ago that taking a fiber supplement (likeMetamucil) could help.  Well, I did and it did not help me but then again, you might want to ask your doctor about this.  I’ve heard that taking 1 tablespoon of cider vinegar mixed with a six-ounce glass of water before eating helps to quiet stomach acid.  I have done this and it did seem to help some, yet I do not have the patience to practice this everyday.

Does my child have asthma?

Question Submitted:

My daughter is now 5 years old. Since she was about 5 months old, she has coughed quite badly at various times. These “attacks” can last from as little as 3 days to weeks. The only thing I have noticed that seem to trigger them is any form of exercise. We have been to various doctors and an allergist. She was allergy tested and came back negative. Now she is in the middle of one of her worst attacks. The only relief she has gotten is from a narcotic cough medicine. It doesn’t stop the cough completely, but it helps and she can at least sleep. The coughing is also worse at night. None of the doctors we have seen think she has asthma, because she doesn’t wheeze. I, on the other hand, think this is exercise induced asthma. She has never been tested for asthma and I don’t even know what tests to ask for. If any one could help with some info, I would appreciate it.

Our Answer:

Your child sounds like me according to the tales my mother tells me. One of the key signals that one has cough variant asthma is nighttime coughing. Find a doctor who specializes in childhood asthma.

Not *all* asthmatics present as wheezers . . . from what you wrote it sure sounds like she has asthma. AFAIK there are no formal diagnostic tests for asthma. The only ‘test’ I’ve ever run into is, treat the cough with albuterol, if it works, it’s asthma. <g> My 7-year old son has pretty much the same kind of thing exercise induced, negative to allergy-testing, night-time coughing. He also gets hit pretty hard with certain types of respiratory viruses. He’s on two maintenance drugs Intal and Vanceril — which have reduced his need for relievers (albuterol) considerably to almost nil. I would get to a more proactive doctor. An asthma/allergy specialist, pulmonologist something beyond what she’s seen already. If she does have asthma, the long-term effects of reduced oxygen supply are not helping her any.

Be careful with the cough meds, BTW, as asthmatics can actually *need* to cough to get the mucus moving. Suppressing a productive cough could do more harm than good, even though it’s the only way she’ll get sleep.

Sinus Meds and My Asthma

Question: I have been on meds for a sinus infection which include Advil cold and sinus, Otravin, and Z-pack. Well I gave up the first two because I was becoming very short of breath and experienced dizziness, and I’m not sure which med is the culprit. I was wondering if there is anything in those products besides ibuprofen (never been a prob for me) that could have affected the asthma, and if there may be a safer more asthma friendly med to take for severe congestion of the sinuses. Any info would be appreciated as I am pondering ripping my head off to stop the pain ( tying my shoes has never held so much meaning for me before.)

Answer: First off, please go see your doctor. There are prescription meds that may work better for you. Ibuprofen is an NSAID; some asthmatics develop an NSAID sensitivity which prevents them from using these pain killers.

Hmmm. Checking your meds; Otrivin Ciba Self Medication,  Xylometazoline HCl,  Nasal Decongestant

Advil Cold & Sinus – OTC contains pseudoephedrine (decongestant)

Z-pack Zithromax

It sounds like you need to see an ENT (ear, nose, throat doctor). One of the primary meds usually prescribed for sinusitis is a steroid nasal spray (fluticasone, budesonide, beclomthasone); but you didn’t mention it. Also saline nasal washes are useful to wash out the infection with warm salt water. Here are some links: 

Sinus Pain, Drainage, & Infection

Generic Spiriva Prices

Generic Spiriva is an anticholinergic medicine used to treat chronic objective pulmonary disease (COPD). Generic Spiriva also contains same active ingredients as branded drug, even though size, shape, color, appearance and packaging may vary. Try to get generic version of Spiriva from trusted source to assure the credibility of the drug.  This medicine is prescribed to open breathing passages which are infected and swelled. Generic Spiriva is usually available in capsule form. These capsules are used with inhaler device for effective inhalation of medicine into the lungs. Standard dosage is 18 mcg once a day for adults and children alike.  To know the details of generic Spiriva prices, you should take the advice of a licensed pharmacist.

Common side-effects of generic Spiriva (Tiotropium bromide) due to continuous usage are:

Dryness of mouth and throat which can be solved during the treatment

  • Irregular heartbeat causing chest pain and  uneasiness
  • Urinary infections and related troubles
  • Severe sweating and feel of vomiting
  • Difficulty to breathe effortlessly
  • Body aching
  • Swollen sinus, abdominal discomfort and constipation
  • Variations in appetite and body weight

Precautions needed while inhaling generic Spiriva

 It is very important to take Generic Spiriva in correct doses and schedules as prescribed by the physician.  Additionally, it will cause serious problems if you start or stop the medication abruptly without doctor’s permission. People with allergic symptoms or other medical problems should better avoid using this medication. It is also not advisable to use it during pregnancy and breast feeding.  Certain other medicines interfere with the action of Spiriva, hence you have to disclose details of drugs presently taking.  You should also ask your doctor how to use generic Spiriva effectively with the help of an inhaler device.

How to find best generic Spiriva prices?

Medicines recommended for humans are approved and regulated by government recognized organizations. These organizations also control the pricing and patent of medicine. Generic Spiriva prices may differ from one country to other. The price for capsules changes with strength, quantity and dosage of the medicine. Generic Spiriva is sold in accordance with the maximum retail price stamped on the package if purchased directly from medicine shop.  You can also purchase the medicines at discounted rates occasionally.

Place an order online to purchase from overseas pharmacies or medicine dealers. Compare the price tags of different dealers to find reasonable Generic Spiriva prices. Always buy Generic Spiriva from trusted online medicine dealers which maintain international standard for pharmaceuticals.  Such dealers also provide free delivery of medicine if you place an order above certain dollars.

Generic Spiriva Cost

Find best generic Spiriva cost to plan your health budget

Generic Spiriva is used as a medication for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Application of this anticholinergic medicine prevents wheeziness and other breathing problems. Opening of air passages give comfort for patients to breathe effortlessly.  Hence, this suppository comes in the category called bronchodilators. Make a detailed search to purchase generic Spiriva from reliable source at affordable rates. Package of capsule comes in different medicine strength.  The capsule is inserted into the inhaler and medicine inside the capsule is inhaled directly into the lungs for easy recovery.

Generic Spiriva cost varies in accordance with strength, dosage and quantity. Cost of 18 mcg generic Spiriva of 90 capsules ranges from $ 53 to $ 70. Knowledge about how to get best generic Spiriva cost is essential if you are a regular customer. Reputed medicine dealers or pharmacies offer different generic Spiriva cost, even though the maximum retail price is stamped on the package. You can purchase the medicine from reliable drug dealers directly or online.  Consult with a licensed pharmacist to find best retail price lists of this medicine.

Generic Spiriva cost less than the branded one.  Those using generic version of the medicine must keep vigilant to purchase drugs manufactured by pharmaceutical companies which maintain international quality and standards.  Government agencies approve generic version only if it has the same chemical ingredients as the branded one.   A licensed drug dealer can guarantee a quality medicine that suits your budget.

Buy generic Spiriva online at affordable rates

There are many online drug dealers and pharmacies supplying generic Spiriva at reasonable rates.  So better make a comparison of prices before placing an order. Many dealers offer discount prices occasionally if you are a regular client.  Moreover, the medicine and inhaler device are delivered free of cost if the order is large. Have a deal with trusted and licensed online dealer to ensure quick delivery at predetermined costs.  You can search their websites to refer testimonials of previous customers for confirming quality and generic Spiriva cost. Always opt for transparency in business to avoid hidden charges.  Take the privilege to talk with customer care specialists or licensed pharmacists for making best decision to purchase generic Spiriva at reliable costs.

Side-effects such as constipation, chest pain, sinus infection, body pain, dry mouth and vomiting are experienced due to constant usage. Patients having treatment for other medical problems have to consult doctor whether generic Spiriva is advisable or not.  It is safe to use this medicine only if a doctor recommends.

Spiriva Cost Comparison

Spiriva Cost Comparison

Spiriva : An effective cure for brochospam

Spiriva is a medicine prescribed for patients with lung diseases like bronchitis, emphysema or chronic pulmonary disease. This medication is used to prevent brochospam which results in an acute narrowing and obstruction of the respiratory airway. Spiriva (tiotropium) works by enlarging the muscles of the airways and thereby allowing the person to breathe easily.

The drug is commonly used to prevent the recurrence of bronchospasm attacks. This medication can only be used to treat and avoid an attack from occurring in the future. It should not used as a rescue medication to treat a bronchospasm attack that has already begun. Regular dose of spiriva repairs the bronchial problems and thereby enables the patient to breathe easily.

A Spiriva capsule contains a dry powder of tiotropium, which is to be inhaled by the patient through the mouth using a device called HandiHaler. Always remember that this medicine is not to be eaten or swallowed. Spiriva medication should be taken as prescribed by the doctor. Before using Spiriva, it’s always advisable to inform your doctors whether you have potential health problems relating to narrow-angle glaucoma, or an enlarged prostate or bladder obstruction. Doctors will administer the medicine only after checking your health condition.

If you miss a dose then take the medication as soon as possible and continue your regular schedule. You should not take extra doses for compensating the missed dose. It is always advisable to consult a doctor or physician to be sure of what to do in case of a missed or overdose situation.

People may experience slight side effects while using the medicine. Vomiting, headache, abdominal pain, and drowsiness are very common. Sometimes, patients may experience psychological problems like trouble awakening, anxiety, depression, and sleep deprivation. Infrequently, flatulence and skin rashes may occur. When consumed for a long period, Spiriva can affect your bone strength. The chance to get pneumonia is also increased. However, these side effects can be reduced considerably, if you take the drug as prescribed by the physician. Also, better results can be achieved when medication is followed by healthy diet and lifestyle.

The most convenient way to buy Spiriva is through online. Both generic and branded products are available. You can also do a Spiriva cost comparison to get the drug at an affordable rate. It is better to choose for transparency in business to avoid unnecessary hidden costs. Talk to a licensed pharmacist to make a safe decision.

Spiriva Cost Without Insurance

Spiriva Cost Without Insurance or Without Prescription

Facing the challenges of COPD

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) can be a frightening health condition and is considered as one among the most prevalent causes of death throughout the world. Also called as chronic airflow limitation or chronic obstructive lung disease, COPD is a long-term respiratory problem caused due to emphysema and chronic bronchitis. The disease gradually progresses and becomes worsen over time. Though COPD cannot be cured fully, a wide range of treatments options are now available to control the flare-ups and reduce the adversity of its symptoms.

Anticholinergic bronchodilators like Tiotropium bromide can be very effective to manage the COPD disease. Spiriva usually comes in capsule form that contains dry powder residue. So it cannot be swallowed like other medicines. Perhaps, the medicine is inhaled or breathed in with the help of puffers and inhalers. When pressed, the inhaler pierces the capsule and the medicine is released. The medication, which contains tiotropium bromide, relaxes the lung muscles, dilate airway and permits easy breathing. Spiriva also helps to alleviate cough and wheezing problem that are common in COPD. Usually, the inhalation of Spiriva is prescribed 2 – 3 times daily with a standard dosage of 18mcg.

Similar to other medicines, Spiriva medication can produce side effects like severe sweating, irregular pulse rate, sore throat, dryness of mouth, body aching, runny nose, blurred vision, urinary infection, and sometimes even chest pain. Some patients experience variation in appetite and urinary tract infections. Constipation, abdominal discomfort, and vomiting are also prevalent in many. Rarely, palpitation and angle closure glaucoma may occur after a prolonged use.

There are certain drug molecules that interfere with Spiriva composition. Some among them include benztropine, theophylline, atropine, belladonna, methscopolamine, dimenhydrinate, and scopolamine. Since the medicine is not suitable for everyone, it is better to use the medication under the strict direction of a physician.

Both branded and generic Spiriva products are available in the market. Branded ones will strictly follow the federal regulations and will be comparatively high in price compared to the generic products. You can easily obtain such drugs locally and through online. Always have a deal with a reputed dealer to ensure the fast delivery of product at an affordable rate. It is recommended to consult with a licensed pharmacist before purchasing the Spiriva drugs. They will be aware about the best product in the market and Spiriva cost without insurance. However, a pack of 90 capsules cost between $55 and $70.

Spiriva Cost

Some important facts about Spiriva drug

Spiriva inhaler, which contains tiotropium bromide powder, is one of the most effective treatment options available for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). When inhaled, the antimuscarinics or anticholinergic agent of the medicine will dilate the airways and prevents bronchospasms. Thus, the drug is found to be very beneficial to patients with emphysema and chronic bronchitis.

Although Spiriva comes in capsule shape, it cannot be swallowed or chewed. The capsule should not be exposed to air as it gets degraded and becomes ineffective. So when removed from blister pack, it should be immediately used with the help of a handheld inhaler that punctures the capsule. The dry powder that comes out of the Spiriva capsule can be inhaled through a mouthpiece. It is always important to ensure the proper usage of inhalation device to experience the full benefits of the medicine. Also, the medicine should not be kept in extreme temperature or moisture.

Regardless of age and other medical condition, there is only one standard dosage of Spiriva. Each capsule will contain 18mcg of tiotropium bromide powder, which can produce a bronchodilating effect for around 24 hours. For best results, you need to use Spiriva once a day, even when breathing condition is normal.

Are there any side effects? Yes, there are a few, but not so complicated. Around 4-16% of patients have reported gastrointestinal disorders. Dry mouth, constipation, vomiting, dyspepsia, sore throat, and abdominal pain are some of the common disorders. Upper respiratory disorder is also prevalent. In less than 3% of patient population, influenza symptoms and arthritis were observed. Additional adverse side effects include urinary retention, pounding heart rate, chest pain, myalgia, rhinitis, skin rashes, sinusitis, moniliasis, hyperglycaemia, laryngitis, and gastroesophageal reflux. In extreme cases, tiotropium is found to worsen the conditions of glaucoma and prostrate problems. It may sometimes affect the normal kidney functioning as well. For those patients, with reduced kidney functions, the drug is prescribed only if its benefits overweigh the potential risks.

If you take other pills or already under medication, then you should understand that the tiotropium may interact with other medicines. Patients who take antihistamines, atropine, benztropine, donepezil, MAO inhibitors, haloperidol, scopolamine, tolterodine, tricyclic antidepressant, or other bronchodilator medicines should consult an expert physician’s advice before starting Spiriva usage. Apart from these, a wide variety of other substances also interact with the drug. Among them includes nicotine, caffeine and alcohol.

As there are a number of Spiriva dealers, you need to do a little research to find a trustworthy one. Also bear in mind that Spiriva cost of generic products will be less than the branded ones.